Our Progress

I.C.E is an organically developing phased project

Since breaking ground in August 2019, Project I.C.E has made significant strides in achieving it's vision through site renovation and programme development in preparation for a 2020 launch

The initial plan for this former Holiday Ice site was storage, but visionaries with more than they bargained for will always see that as a nudge to think bigger. Project I.C.E is the product of opportunity and vision. 

The once derelict structure hidden by overgrown foliage received an exterior facelift, partial renovations to the interiors, state-of-the art solar power energy, water systems, and a thriving garden. The first phase of the project was  completed in January 2020.

Having a garden is an absolutely essential part of our project. Through it, I.C.E hopes to contribute to the discourse around the value of wholesome wellness and the role that food plays in it. This garden also provides an opportunity to share our harvest within the community and to teach and encourage farm to fork living. 

To be on the right side of environmental change, cleaner and more sustainable sources of energy are essential. The goal is be fully powered by clean and reliable energy and solar power is the way to go.  

Installing this water system is part of the effort to minimize recurring expenses. To build this  impactful and transformative hub, resources must be directed where it counts. Sustainable self-sufficiency is positioning to do more. 

Again, having more space than need, provided an opportunity to collaborate with a community of impactful doers. Project I.C.E meets Lend a Hands.

Lend a Hand seeks to impact communities in The Bahamas. Recognizing the importance of leveraging their network of worldwide supporters to aid in disaster recovery in Grand Bahama and Abaco. Project I.C.E's site served as storage and distribution site. 

The phrase “there is only one way to eat an elephant: one bite at a time.” rings true. The renovation of  the interior is a financially heavy undertaking which can only progress if phased.Thus far, the Lend a Hand unit, the office and Antonius Roberts' sculpting studio have been activated. 

Look forward to seeing the expansion of an art gallery, co-working, event, and meeting facilities; a melange of collaborative, private and green zones, alongside indoor and outdoor multi-purpose studios to support an engaging calendar.

Lend a Hands Networks and partnerships made it possible to give a hand up to people impacted by hurricane Dorian.

Collaboration brings change and Project I.C.E is all about moving from talking about it to doing it.  Lend a Hand does it!


PROJECT HOPE is an initiative to transform the space of the former distribution center of LAHB into a hub for creative expression and stimulation for artistic and creative growth and development.

What's an office without access to the internet? Having cable makes it possible to make Project I.C.E global and creates an opportunity to make connections beyond boundaries. With Internet access we transcend borders and expand possibilities. 

When the world halted in the wake of Covid 19, the garden kept on giving and so continued mission Farm to Fork. 


Alex is our first collaborating Artist. On her first site visit, she quickly expressed her desire to use I.C.E as a space to freely express her passion for art and complete her Masters dissertation.


The Creators United By Exploring Spaces (C.U.B.E.S) are the junior collaborators. They contribute to the Art in S.T.E.A.M by offering young individuals a collaborative environment to explore, produce work and express their artistic talents. Their headquarters is sectioned into two rooms that include the Working Space and Gallery Space. 

Phase 3

Entails the full activation of the space through community engagement. Our partners at Lend a Hand, are in the process of transforming their former distribution space into a hub for creative development. Additional projects, including The Cubes workspace, I.C.E Caribbean, and Transforming Spaces, will be activated in the months to come.